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A Solution for Sterile Surgical Disposable Drapes ASEPTIC PRECAUTION PRODUCTS.

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Excellent Fixable Drapes India , is a leader in the manufacture of sterile disposable plain drapes & fixable drapes and promoting their use in Worldwide. We cater to the needs of hospitals and surgeons in a wide range of specialities in the medical field.

Excellent Fixable Drapes India began this journey in February 2000.

In those days, our production was geared to the domestic market confined to one state alone. Today, our reach extends across almost all states in India and we have a small but exclusive clientele around the world.

  • Our mission is to replace traditionally used Linen or cloth in hospitals and operation theatres.
  • Linen/cloth is unhygienic, doesn't offer 100% bacterial barrier and conform to clean room specifications.
  • By giving surgeons better alternatives to maintain clean room specification and offering innovative designs that enables surgeons to attain woundedge protection & provide bacterial barrier, we help maintain sterile field in operation theatres and prevent contamination of the sterile atmosphere.

Excellent Fixable Drapes India, is a leader in the manufacture of sterile disposable plain drapes and fixable drapes and promoting their use in India . We cater to the needs of hospitals and surgeons in a wide range of specialities in the medical field.

Doctors - More than 500 doctors, recommends our quality products

Purchase Departments - More than 100 Purchase departments, regularly offering their needs on our products

Speciality Hospitals - More than 50 Speciality Hospitals, regularly offering their needs on our products

Distributors - More than 1000 Pharma Distributors, having our products in their stocks


Steri Gown, Surge Drape, V.P. Shunt Adult, V.P. Shunt Paediatrice, Craniotomy Drape, Craniotomy Drape with Bag, Neuro Microscope Cover 3 Hole, Neuro Microscope Cover 5 Hole


T.U.R.P. Drape, P.C.N.L. Drape, T.U.R.P. Set Drape


Eye Drape, Eye Drape Plus, Eye Drain Plus, Mini Drape, Eye Dressing Pad, Eye Pad, Eye Kit, Trolley Drape, Lassik Drape, Duo Tape, Steri Gown, Patient Kit


Delivery Drape, Caesarian Drape, Delivery Bag, Obstic Bag, Caeser Pad, Leg Cover, Shoe Cover, Obstifix, Steri Gown, Poly Apron, Delivery Kit Normal, Moppng Pad, Cord Clamp, Brasss-V Delivery Drape, Delivery Kit Special, Disposable Delivery Kit

Our Future Projects

Importing Polyurethane – To be executed by Excellent Fixable Drapes.

Solar Power Project for our company – To be executed by Excellent Marketing Company

We are focus on importing special range of products® - to be Executed by Excellent Fixable Drapes

Import of Wound dressing and iv dressings are in plan

Silver Line Incise Drapes

planning to launch this product in 3 different sizes 20x20cm,45x35cm & 70x45cm.All our products will be offered with State Of The Art Aluminum foil packing imported from China which is attractive and updated to International standards

Importing Polyurethane

The product is lighter and will weigh only 25microns/Sq.M compared to that of Polyethylene 140 microns/Sq.M.This will significantly improve our production since we can manufacture 5 times more pieces/Kg. Secondly this considerably reduces the weight of the shipment and reduces the freight cost.


OWN PATENT PRODUCTS- TRIALS WERE CONDUCTED BY JNMC MEDICAL & ICMR DELHI TEAM.IMPLEMENTED IN PPH STUDY TEXT BOOK. TRIAL WAS CONDUTED BY Dr. Richard Jacob Derman, MD, DR.SHIVAPRAKSH GOUDAR Professor Physiology, Dr. B S Kodkany and DR.BELLAD. Study Started on November 2005 and Actual Primary Completed on September 2007.

Capital Assistance for a Govt. Supply

We need Bank’s assistance for the procurement of Raw materials and for capital expenditure for procurement of New Machineries


We are planning to Install 5KW solar Inverter which could considerably reduce our fuel bill.

Special Range of Products

We are focus on importing special range of products® - to be Executed by Excellent Fixable Drapes


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A Solution for Sterile Surgical Disposable Drapes, ASEPTIC PRECAUTION PRODUCTS.

Cardio Range of Products

Silver Line Incise Drape

Bacterial Barrier Drape

B-Fix incise Drape

C.T. Drape

C.T.U. Drape

Bacterial Barrier Drape

Surge Drape

Cathlab Kit

Angio Drape


Surgeon's Gown (With Wrap Around)

Neuro Range of Products


Steri Gown

Surge Drape

V.P. Shunt Adult

V.P. Shunt Paediatrice

Craniotomy Drape

Craniotomy Drape with Bag

Neuro Microscope Cover 3 Hole

Neuro Microscope Cover 5 Hole

Ortho Range of Products


Silver Line Incise Drape

Surge Drape

Ortho Gown

Ortho Kit

LEG U Drape

Arm U Drape

Knee Hole Drape

Surge Fix / Spine Drape

C-Arm Cover

Camera Cover

Mopping Pad

Ortho Kit

Gyanec Range of Products


Delivery Drape

Caesarian Drape

Delivery Bag

Obstic Bag

Caeser Pad

Leg Cover

Shoe Cover


Steri Gown

Poly Apron

Delivery Kit Normal

Mopping Pad

Cord Clamp

Brasss-V Delivery Drape

Delivery Kit Special

Disposable Delivery Kit

Ophthalmology Range of Products


Eye Drape

Eye Drape Plus

Eye Drain Plus

Mini Drape

Eye Dressing Pad

Eye Pad

Eye Kit

Trolley Drape

Lassik Drape

Duo Tape

Steri Gown

Patient Kit


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The team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly, minimising the end to end time to process complex transactions among a number of parties.

Aravind Eye Hospitals

AlL over India

I went above and beyond to help me out today. He noticed I was lost when I couldn’t find my requirement of products, But they went out of his way to escort me to the door. He was a total gent – his customer service was spot on.

Billroth Hospitals

Tamil Nadu

The products are good quality and as per customized requirements and they following standard quality of initial which was promoted.

Manipal Hospitals


For many product managers, customer feedback is the key to making a product successful. This is why carefully structuring and selecting the product survey questions you ask your customers is so important.

Shalby Hospitals


All products from Excellent Fixable Drapes, are very quality and fine one.

MGM Healthcare

Tamil Nadu



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